Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cat duy in Bastrop amazed by the generosity, caring spirit, and resilience shown by the people devastated by the Bastrop fires... I can't begin to imagine the loss, dread, and thoughts going through their heads. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to provide comfort, support, piece of mind, and heartfelt sorrow for the people I talk to everyday that are waiting, praying their home is still standing, while crying for friends that have lost everything, feeding firefighters, and taking in stray horses, stopping by our tent to keep us updated- looking for a hug... My God... I've never been more grateful, seen more strength, or truly cared for those I met for five minutes... Please let the fires stop.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Society and Jobs

So, I am a little worried. I've had hope regardless of the falling housing market, the falling job market, the potential that the United States is falling apart... but now, I'm not so sure. I know that the press and media have their own way of making things sound so much worse than it is, but to me, it seems that no one is safe from the impending fall out that every company is subject to.

I feel blessed to have a condo that I love. A roommate that I love and is responsible. A boyfriend that takes care of me in a way otherwise not known to me in this life. And two cats, that are not just cats, but are great companions. Oh, and a best friend that as it turns out, is a distant cousin.

I had a full time job as a teacher, which I left because I felt the need to go a different direction. Only to be preceeded by a massive teacher layoff and pay cut, because teachers don't get paid enough as it is, lets give them more students and pay them less...

I went back to graduate school to work on my second masters in transportation planning. I have an awesome intership lined up. There is plently of work but no money...

I have a year left in school and am somehow lucky enough to have found a reasonably permanent albeit low paying, but stress free and love, at Hallmark.

So, the point of this rambling? I'm not sure. I feel lucky to have what I have and be at the place that I am but I am also worried about the future. I am now giving up this worry and uncertainty to God. For I trust that he will take care of me and provide for my basic needs.

Hmm... Thats about it for now

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Justice System fails again....

OKLAHOMA CITY - A plea deal that sent an ex-convict accused of raping a 4-year-old girl to jail for only a year has prompted outrage across Oklahoma, where lawmakers are calling for the removal of the judge who approved the deal and the attorney general is investigating a new set of abuse allegations.

Under the deal, David Harold Earls, 64, of McAlester, pleaded no contest last month to first-degree rape and forcible sodomy. Normally, the rape charge carries a sentence of between five years to life in prison, but the deal he struck with prosecutors called for 19 years of his 20-year sentence to be suspended.

Prosecutors said they agreed to the plea bargain only because the case rested largely on the testimony of the girl, now 5, who made contradictory statements during pretrial hearings. After initially testifying about the assault, she later said she couldn't remember.

The case has generated more outrage as new accusations have surfaced. After Earls entered his plea, an estranged relative came forward to make a new allegation of a past rape. Although the statute of limitations likely has expired, it's possible the allegations could be used in another case against Earls.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 praises and 1 complaint about the Ghetto

So, today I got my hair cut and colored by one of my moms friends. She was so nice, as was everyone else in the salon as well as the workers in the stores in the same complex. My hair cut is so cute. The color and highlights are perfect, and it cost $80 for a cut, color, and highlight (which is less than half of what I would normally pay.) So, in other words, I love my hair.
As for the complaint... Well, I drive my car everywhere, I am not careful. I have a couple little scratches, but nothing big. But today, while I was parked in the ghetto for two hours... I get side swiped. So sad.... But I love my hair!

PS... if you are willing to brave the ghetto and park a couple rows out... the lady that did my hair was wonderful! (and cheap)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Growing Up

So, I think I am finally growing up, finally. I am now 28, I am in graduate school for the 2nd time, I have a new, soon to be roommate, a wonderful boyfriend that I trust, a great best friend, and many other wonderful friends. I'm not sure if it is because I am finally growing up or if it is because I am finally at a place where I am confident, not questionable, and or learning how to trust, but I am happy. It is odd.
Tauni is my best friend. I can breath one way or another and not say a word and she will understand, regardless of if we agree on the key point. We can be extravagant, over the edge, totally normal, crazy, cheap, real, or any other desire that life provides at the time. I love her to no end. Which is wonderful, as she has overtaken my need for Andy. He used to be my best friend, but he is married and we went our separate ways, and I wish him the best.
I have a couple other groups of friends. Highschool friends, that I realize are no longer the single most important people in my life, that I realize are on different paths, that I may not agree with, yet support because that is what you do for your oldest friends, while realizing that there is no point in being hurt since I am not their best friend because reasonably, they are not mine either. Yet if something of importance happens, they will be there without a question one way or another.
And my newest, younger, group of friend from Rockbrook. They are a group of young women, that are amazingly worldly, mature beyond their years, truly wonderful women, and able to take my experiences with an open mind while sharing their experiences without a doubt of validity.

For once in my life, I am in school and not enjoying it, I may be ready to have a real job. I have a boyfriend, that if we don't see each other tonight or tomorrow, I have no doubt that he is still completely devoted to me. My parents, are becoming my friends. I can be honest, truthful, frustrated, and still know they will love me and be my friend.
My brother, who I realize would never be someone I would ever know in a parallel world, is the cement that keeps me who I am, the helium that lets me soar, and someone, that will always understand me in a way that no one else ever will.
I don't know if I am growing up, becoming myself, or finally realizing what is important, but I am happy, I'm not sure what the truly means but in my own way, as questionable as I may be of myself, I am honestly happy. I have no fears, I know that the Lord will take care of me, that my cats are angels sent to protect and give me constant love throughout the last 12 years of my life, that my mom did the best she could, my dad is the best he can be, and everyone else, including the aforementioned, did the best they could in the circumstances of the times, learned their lessons and became wonderful, well intentioned people.
Additionally, I no longer feel like a little girl that can not control her fate. I feel like a woman, coming into my own, that is happy, understanding, motherly (in my own way), and somehow, accepting/forgiving and able to forge great relationships with people that otherwise may never cross paths.
I have truly been shown the extent of real relationships. Grace, may be 65, but is wonderful and amazingly young. Angie, is doing the best she can and is a great person. Erin, I don't even know what to say. I love her, I long for our 8 hours days together, appreciate her honesty when I know what she is thinking, when she does not want to share but needs someone to love her.
Becky and I, have nothing in common, she is a wife and mother of three, yet I love her and she loves me and we will show up in the time of need. Kathleen, is amazing. I hope she moves to NC and is happy, she deserves it.
My dream is to finish school, get married, get a job out of state, move, be happy, have kids, grow in my relationship with my husband, children, and the Lord... and someday be a girlscout troop leader.
Yes, I think I am finally growing up.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Food Allergy Enemies

So, I am deathly allergic to all kinds of seafood. This is fun and totally safe! Below is a list of restaurants that I am permanently boycotting based on questionable sanitary practices.
1. Paradise Bakery- three instances, two locations, over a year and a half span... tuna in the chicken salad. If they can't keep the tuna and chicken separate, what else is commingling that shouldn't be?
2. Bagel Nosh- North Scottsdale Location Only (Ahwatukee location is awesome!) I ordered a chicken salad sandwich, which was free of any seafood particles, however, the person in front of me ordered a tuna melt and not only was some tuna left on the cutting board that stuck to my innocent bagel, I watched as the girl used the same knife to cut my sandwich, after I told her I was Deathly Allergic and to be careful.
3. Brueggers Bagels- I ordered a cinnamon sugar bagel with strawberry cream cheese, one of my all time favorites. I took my first bite while driving and happen to look down to see odd pink chunks that had just been halved as I took a bite. I openned the bagel, praying the pink things were strawberry chunks... But oh no, that would be too easy. Somehow, the cream cheese had little pieces of lox (cold salmon) in it. Even though I spit out the part that I had eatten, almost three weeks later, my stomach still feels raw.

Educational Budget Cuts

The state is in debt, lets cut education!!!!
I have two theories on educational budget cuts. A list of cuts that will be made to save money...One is what I believe is going to happen and two is what I think should happen although I know it never will.
Cuts- Before and afterschool homework and supplemental reading help- PAC, after school day care- Test score committees, yes, all the tests that are mandated three times a year, that decide whether or not schools receive funding, oh, those scores don't matter anymore because there is no one to input the test scores into the overall data base.- teachers already amazingly high salary is to be cut, while adding up to 50 students per classroom, as the size limit is no longer- classroom spending is gone- and this is just the beginning.
My theories-
1. Arizona is going to end up with privitized education that, surprise surprise, educates that wealthy that can afford to pay for private schools, while public schools are going to be third world where EVERY child is left behind.
2. Arizona needs to consolidate its school districts into three major areas. Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff. This way teachers pay could be equalized, support staff would not be cut, and appoint maybe 5 superintendants and fire all the rest. Their pay would be enough to fund quite a bit of current debt. Each school could continue to run the way it is, but instead of having a high paid person in charge of a school district with three schools, four teachers could keep their jobs and provide education to children in a reasonable class size.
But only if I ruled the world....